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Men’s Ministry (Page 2)


Why You Need to Develop a Wartime Attitude

Folks, do you have a wartime attitude or a peacetime mentality in your everyday lives? The last time we had nationwide wartime mindsets here in America and the UK was nearly 80 years ago during World War 2. If you’re not familiar with it, the “war effort” here at home was a spirit of cooperation whereby the general civilian populace joined together with our military and industry by doing things like rationing and by collecting and recycling materials such as…


Ah, revenge. We’ve all known what it is like to be betrayed, hurt, lied to, and generally screwed over. And we have all experienced multiple times where we wanted to exact revenge against the perpetrator. The feeling of getting bloody, satisfying payback for someone done wrong against someone else has provided the basis for some of our favorite stories, as it allows us to vicariously live out our fantasies of revenge through the protagonists’ eyes. For instance, we feel the…

How My Wife and I Pray and Study the Bible Together

One of the most imperative things you can do with your spouse (this could also apply to a long-term boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancée/fiancé) is spending regular, quality “God time” with him or her. Doing so will strengthen and deepen your faith, and draw you closer to each other as you draw nearer to God. What does this entail, you might ask? It can include a certain amount of Bible reading, discussion and reflection, and praying together. I’ve decided to “peel back the…

Dream Personal Training

Can you imagine having personal training sessions with one of the world’s leading authorities? Let’s say you were a teenage swimmer, with lofty goals to one day become an Olympic contender. You have genetics, talent, and pure drive, yet…you need something more to rocket you ahead of the competition. What if by the best fortune you’ve ever been given, you were able to pull in the services of none other than Michael Phelps – who by many measurements is the…


In the grand matters of life and love and dating, I’m definitely not a pick-up artist. I’m not looking for “friends with benefits” or a “no strings attached” sexual relationship (quite frankly, that concept sickens me) or a one-night stand. Instead, Scott Roberts is a regular, down-to-earth, single guy and a full-time dad to two teenage boys looking for “the one”. I’m seeking a healthy, long-term relationship with a woman that will hopefully lead me and this lucky lady down…
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