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Web Sites

I’ve worked on the following websites in some capacity. This list is certainly not comprehensive, and some of these sites may or may not be defunct by the time you read this (such is the nature of the internet).

Battaglia’s Market

Web Marketing Toronto

Monny Abraham, Realtor

Lufthansa Examples

Biomedical/ERT Examples – samples of pages from B2B pages (not all buttons and functionality work on these examples)

Email Newsletters

Other Examples

  • Bayfair Baptist Church
    [Designed and created website.]
  • H2OCHK
    [Helped create website.]
  •   CenturyLink AppFog
    [Helped create and design front-end of the entire site.]
  •   2GuysTalking.com
    [Created the homepage.]
  •   Big Moe Cason – Ponderosa BBQ
    [Created and designed the entire site.]
  •   CenturyLink Savvis Direct
    [Helped create and design front-end of the entire site.]
  •   AfftonVet.com
    [Created and designed the entire site.]
  •   Voice Farmers
    [Created and designed the original entire site.]
  •   SavvisDirect.com
    [Involved with creating the front end design and the CMS/shopping cart.]
  •   MississippiMudCoffee.com
    [Created entire site using ASP, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.]
  •   HomeDecorators.com
    [Involved with creating and maintaining the storefront/shopping cart.]
  •   NOLAHotSauce.com
    [Created everything for the site, including all coding, graphic design, logo and layout.]
  •   TheBBQCentralShow.com
    [Created everything for the site, including all coding, graphic design and layout.]
  •   ILoveItSpicy.com
    [Created custom theme graphics for the site, including logo.]
  •   TraegerGrillingandChilling.com
    [Created custom graphics for the site.]
  •   VHTrading.com
    [Created everything for the site, including all coding, graphic design and layout. I used PHP, mySQL, HTML, Photoshop, JavaScript, CGI/Perl, SSI, and more. Contains searchable database pages, blog, and forums (powered by phpBB).]
  •   Monsanto.com
    [Part of a team, I helped with separate redesigns launched August 2002 and January 2003. Used ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Acrobat, and Photoshop.]
  •   Monsanto.co.uk
    [Again, part of a team, I helped with the site redesign of Monsanto’s UK web presence. Used ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Acrobat, and Photoshop.]
  •   Monsanto.co.za
    [Using the design elements of the US and UK sites, I revamped Monsanto’s South African Web site. Used ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Acrobat, and Photoshop.]
  •   Charter.com
    [Converted redesign of Charter website from Classic ASP to .NET Created .NET/JavaScript functionality, including rollovers on homepage.]
  •   DesignersGallerySoftware.com [Created the database functionality, programming, graphic design and layout for the site, using ASP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and Photoshop.]
  •   DeniServ.com
    [Created entire site using ASP, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.]
  •   GeesePeaceStLouis.org
    [Created entire site (with administrative login and page editing area)
    using PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Photoshop.]
  •   Skywalker.com
    [Helped create the database functionality, programming, graphic design and layout for the site, using ASP, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and Photoshop.]
  •   Gundaker.com
    [Helped create original home search fuction on website using JavaScript, CGI, Perl, and HTML.]

The following are Web sites and internet/intranet projects that I’ve had a hand in but cannot necessarily take credit in the whole creation or design. My involvement could have been anything from creating graphics, SQL databases and PHP/ASP/VBScript programming to simple maintenance and site updates to creating e-mail newsletters:


Have a web design specific need? Talk to me for free. Call me at 289-892-4299 (Canada) or 636-228-5117 (US) .


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