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Recommended Book Resources For Men’s Ministries

Want to dive further into men’s ministry or learn what it means to live the life of a Christian man? In preparation for the upcoming Warrior Disciple men’s ministry book, I wanted to offer what I thought were other great books for men’s ministry and spiritual growth for guys. The following are just a mere smattering of terrific resources to help you in your pursuit of going deeper with God: The Quest For Character by John MacArthur If you can…

Interview With John Clark and Michael Bodine of Soulcon Ministries | Soulcon Operator Book Released!

Soulcon Ministries is a digital men’s ministry that encourages Christian men to abandon the watered-down confines of lukewarm faith and instead go all-in for Jesus Christ physically, mentally and spiritually. Soulcon was founded by US Navy veteran-turned fitness expert and personal trainer Cody Bobay after he saw the “couch potato” lives that your average, 21st Century guys – yes, even most evangelical men – practice on a regular basis in every area of their lives. To help encourage men to get…

List of Soulcon App Inspirational Messages

I’m honored to be part of a fantastic online men’s ministry called Soulcon. One of the main focuses of Soulcon Ministries is to encourage men to get out of their lazy, lukewarm rut and instead pursue the Lord Jesus Christ with all of their hearts, living lives with the same intensity that special forces soldiers do in the military. Soulcon Ministries, through its awesome phone app, pushes out great Bible verses, quotes, and inspirational sayings at least once a day…