111 Ways For Christian Men (and Women) To Be More Romantic

111 Ways For Christian Men (and Women) To Be More Romantic


When it comes to demonstrating how much we love our spouses or our girlfriends, we men can almost be like befuddled cavemen banging rocks together. Yes, we as Christians can become adept at knowing high-level spiritual or theological matters, but admittedly many men can have a very limited capacity for good, romantic ideas.

To a lot of us, the word “romance” equates to red roses, a box of chocolates, and Valentine’s Day dinner by candlelight. Or we think of sitting on the couch while the fireplace is a-roarin’, having Barry White or Kenny G tunes emanate from the stereo, and fumbling to blurt the right thing to her all in hopes of scoring (um, yeah…that’s not the correct Christian approach to romancing). Or worse yet, we can drudge up images of some silly fantasy world of Fabio or some buff dude in a funny accent prancing around on a horse saying sweet nothings and sweeping damsels off of their feet.

Let’s face it; if the above examples are all that you can think of, then you’re probably in trouble. You see, women need love expressed by their partner in many different ways.

The good news is,  it doesn’t have to be hard for Godly men to be more romantic. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on lavish gifts or go to the gym to get a six-pack like Ryan Gosling or speak with a French accent to effectively show how much you really care for your sweetheart. All it takes is a loving heart and some really good ideas with which to start.

I have compiled 111 romantic things for Christian guys to do that range from simple gestures that you probably should integrate into your everyday life, to full-blown date ideas, and everything in between. As you scan this list of romance tips, see if there are several you can do this week! And most are free, easy, and will show that even if you aren’t a natural-born Don Juan or Casanova, you can still put in a decent effort to demonstrate to your wife or girlfriend that you love her.

For the ladies… In case you’re wondering, women can also benefit from executing some of these romantic suggestions on her husband or boyfriend. Although the following romantic ideas are written from the perspective of a man performing something for his lady, the vast majority can be applied to a female doing something for her partner. Remember, whether they admit it or not, dudes like to feel loved, appreciated, and romanced, too.

For couples… Perhaps the coolest scenario would be for both you and your significant other to read these ideas together and work towards implementing more romance into your couplehood and show that putting the other’s needs first is a high priority in the relationship. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” – Ephesians 5:21 [NIV]

Here is the list of 111 romantic tips and ideas for guys:

1. Next time you and your wife/girlfriend are in an empty elevator together, give her a big kiss on the lips just before the door opens.

2. Put a note in each of seven balloons, listing on each an activity or goodie you know she’d like. Have her pop one balloon at a time to reveal the secret.

3. Bring her flowers, or have them delivered to work with a short, romantic note. The occasion? “Just because.” Mix up the type of flowers you get beyond just red roses, to include different colored roses or different types of flowers altogether. Bonus: find out what her favorite kind of flowers are, and include them often when you do this.

4. When she’s talking, turn toward her. Look at her face while she speaks, and for Pete’s sake put down your phone!

5. 30 minutes or an hour before the big game is on TV, come up behind her and give her a big hug or kiss. Ask her if there is any housework that needs to be done, like taking out the garbage or washing the dishes. She will feel romanced, loved, and appreciated, she’ll also feel like her husband cares about what goes on around the house (unlike a lot of her girlfriends’ husbands!), and she’s less likely to bug you with these household chores while the game is on.

6. Ask her about her dreams, goals, and what she would like to do for the Lord in her life.

7. If she is regularly checking her weight, tape a note to the bathroom scale that says, “Just Right.”

8. Go for a walk along the beach.

9. Take her out for a meal, lingering around an hour or so after dinner is done just to chat. Put your phones away the whole time and keep them on silent.

10. Ask about her favorites: colors, foods, movies, Bible stories, songs, days of the week, things to do on Saturdays, flowers, animals, perfumes, jewelry, clothes, etc.

11. Whether you’re dating or have been married for a while, schedule regular date nights. They can be once a month, bi-weekly, or weekly. Try new restaurants, explore the city, or just go to a quiet place in the park and read the Bible together. Obtain from any “shop talk” (i.e., don’t talk about kids, finances, or work).

12. Create a photo collage on social media and tell her how much you mean to her.

13. Bring your spouse breakfast in bed, even if it’s not a special occasion.

14. Arrange for a carriage or sleigh ride together.

15. Great Springtime date closer: Buy an inflated helium balloon. Write your names on the outside, how many weeks/months/years you’ve been dating or married, and what are each of your favorite Bible verses. Lastly, write your phone number or email address, and let it go. See if anyone gets back to you after it falls back to earth.

16. Delicately take her face in your hands, tracing her features with your fingertips like an artist drawing her face.

17. In the bathroom, provide lots of lit candles, perfumed soaps or bath oil beads, a fresh towel, a bowl of strawberries or grapes, a tub full of warm water, and something delicious to drink. Quietly play a soft music playlist. Give her one luxurious hour all to herself.

18. Take her to her favorite Christian music concert or festival.

19. When you know she won’t be home for a while, plan a special “mystery hunt” throughout your residence, with one clue or note leading to another clue. When she gets to the end, have a special surprise gift waiting for her.

20. Ask her if she were to write a book about her life, what would the title be?

21. Learn to cook together, and plan monthly “cook-in” dates in your kitchen where you try a new recipe each time.

22. Plan a “favorite swapping” weekend, where you each join together to do something the other person loves. Have it be the “guy’s day” one day and the “girl’s day” be the next, or vice-versa. For instance, on Saturday, you could watch a few chick flicks together, and on Sunday, both of you could go fishing together.

23. Start a “memories” box. Put items in it that represent special events in your life together.

24. Purchase seven greeting cards. Whip up a list of seven things you like about her. Each day of the week, give her a new card with an item off your list written on it.


25. While in your partner’s presence, praise her in front of their friends.

26. Do volunteer work together in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, church, or nursing home.

27. Pull her close. Kiss her fingertips, then the palms of her hands. Look her in the eyes and tell her you love her.

28. Sign the two of you up for dance lessons.

29. Get out your wedding photos and reminisce about that special day.

30. While she is sitting, massage her shoulders.

31. Make a playlist of songs or artists you know that like.

32. Compliment them in various ways on their appearance, mannerisms, or personality. Hint: Don’t always just tell them they’re “hot.” Change things up a bit frequently. Says things like, “You have such great taste in clothes,” “your hair looks fantastic today,” or “I love the way you’re always kind and show the love of Jesus to everyone.” Be creative!

33. Catch her in the crowd and wink at her.

34. Talk and be playful and flirtatious. Keep that spark of attraction alive!

35. If you’re out in public double-dating or with a group, hold hands with your partner. Put your arms around her. Let your body language lovingly say, “she is mine, and I’m proud to have her!”

36. Read the Song of Solomon together from the Bible.

37. Read a book together, taking turns reading every several paragraphs.

38. Take her on an exploration of nature in her favorite park or woodlands.

39. Plan an overnight getaway at a bed and breakfast, and surprise her with it.

40. Watch an old romantic movie from the 1930s through the 1950s. Unlike in the vast majority of the movies made today, most characters onscreen from decades past showed grace, class, respect, morals, and honor.

41. Spend several minutes just kissing her lightly on the face, eyelids, forehead, nose, ears, and chin.

42. Bring her a glass of white grape juice in a goblet. Let her take a drink, then kiss her lips to taste it.

43. Take an entire day off from complaining about anything. Instead, have three things that you praise God about, plus three things you can praise your significant other about. Positivity and rejoicing can go a long way.

44. Take her to an art gallery.

45. Pray with her over her concerns.

46. Invite her on a long, leisurely walk around the neighborhood.

47. Have a squirt gun fight.

48. Have a date “camping out” on the living room floor – grab all the heavy blankets and comforters in the house, grab all your pillows, and talk, snuggle, make love, and sleep out on the floor all night long.

49. Write a poem about her, presenting it as a special gift.


50. When she cries or has worries, hold her hand and just listen.

51. Put effort into planning out the details of her next birthday celebration.

52. Plan a picnic outing. Pack a basket with some of her favorite snacks. Take along a blanket to spread out on. Read your favorite Scripture passages and talk about the world.

53. Drive your wife to the local “lovers’ lane,” and neck. Unmarried couples, be careful with this idea!

54. Research the best sunset-watching locations in your area, and take her there.

55. Print the best photo of you and your significant other, frame it, and put it on your desk at work.

56. Even if you’ve made a decision on something or are close to making one, ask her for her wisdom and input on it.

57. At an unsuspecting moment, sweep her into your arms and tell her she’s your best friend.

58. Always make her your first stop when you come home after work.

59. Keep a small playlist of her favorite love songs or slow dancin’ music on your phone. During random times at home or out in public, whip out your hone and play a song, take her in your arms, and dance with her on the spot.

60. Wherever you walk together, hold their hand.

61. Show her how much you choose to love, honor, and respect your partner by doing things like opening the door for her, by opening the car door, and by pulling the chair out at the table.

62. Surprise her by doing a chore for her that she normally does.

63. Every morning for five days straight, leave a Post-It note with a few words of love or a Bible verse in her lunch bag.

64. After making the bed, turn down her side of the blankets, and leave a note or card on her pillow.

65. Snail mail her a love letter.

66. Before bed, offer to give her a scalp massage.

67. Recreate your first date or go back to the place where you two first said, “I love you.”

68. As a special gift, make a snapshot collage of her life. Include baby pictures.

69. Design a “life resume” for her, complete with a listing of all her strengths, talents, and skills. Next to each one, write a line or two about how she displayed these in the past.

70. Write to her mom and dad thanking them for the daughter they raised. Give her a copy of the letter.

71. Call her or text her in the middle of the day just to tell her you love her and that you’ve been thinking about her.

72. Buy her a special house plant when she reaches a special goal.

73. Leave a note in her coat pocket.

74. Carve each of your initials in a tree. Draw a heart around them.


75. Light a fire and snuggle up.

76. For you married couples, shower together when you can. Wash each other.

77. Set up dessert in bed, and romantically spoon-feed each other.

78. Find out what she is doing for lunch on a particular weekday, and then plan a little picnic. Prepare the food beforehand, keep it cold, and then snatch her away from work for an hour as you enjoy your meal together.

79. Sit in the back row at the movies and kiss.

80. When she walks alone in a crowded room, keep looking at her with a little smile on your lips that says, “She’s mine.”

81. Stroll together through a public flower garden.

82. Set up a dinner date ahead of time and mutually buy each other a small gift (you set the dollar amount limit). After you finish your meals, present each other with the gift.

83. Create some hand-drawn “love coupons” to your mate that are good for things like a free foot massage, a free night off from cooking supper or anything else you have in mind (be creative!).

84. Buy her a gift card from her favorite hobby store.

85. Take a small airplane or helicopter tour ride around your local area.

86. Go to a restaurant with arcade/adult games (a la Dave & Buster’s) for an evening of good food and fun.

87. Create a large cardboard sign with a stake and write her first name and a romantic note on it, and place it in your yard for your wife to see before she arrives home. Ideas for messages: “I love you,” “I’m still crazy about you,” “I want all of you forever,” “You make my heart go pitter-pat,” or “I’m bananas for you. Let’s never split!” (yes, these may be cornier than an Orville Redenbacher factory, but they are guaranteed to melt her heart.)

88. Take your wife or girlfriend for a leisurely drive in the country.

89. Read a Bible devotional with your partner for 30 days.

90. Let her take a nap when she’s tired or stressed out. Watch the kids, take care of any household chores, and protect her from any interruptions.

91. Get all dressed up and take her out for a fine evening on the town. For extra fun, pretend you’re James Bond and a rich heiress the entire night.

92. Give her a foot massage with your favorite lotion. (And don’t necessarily expect sex afterward!)

93. Send your wife a few provocative text messages. Tease her, leaving her wanting to hear more, and fulfill those ideas when you both get home.

94. Rent a bicycle built for two, or just ride single bikes together.

95. Stargaze on a rooftop or out in the middle of nowhere.

96. Post to her Facebook timeline and list ten reasons why she would win the girlfriend or wife of the year award.

97. Take her to the airport just to sit and watch people go by. Makeup stories together about their lives – who they are, what they do, and where they’re going, and why.

98. In addition to the bedroom candlelit dinner idea above, change up your meal location to a place other than your dining room or in front of the TV: find a rooftop, go in your backyard, eat dinner on your porch or balcony. Feed each other a few bites.

99. Go for a hot air balloon ride together.


100. Plan a trip to a nearby vineyard.

101. Instead of brewing coffee at home, check out a new coffee shop that just opened down the road.

102. Ride a ferris wheel and enjoy the view from the top.

103. Visit each other’s hometowns and see all of the sights from when both of you were kids.

104. Kiss in the rain.

105. Try a “power outage” date at home. No, you needn’t cut off all power, so you’ll still have your refrigerator running, and you’ll still have air conditioning in the Summer and heat in the Winter. With this, turn off all lights at home, and turn off all electronic devices. Light some candles, feed each other food that’s already cooked, and let nature take its course.

106. Wash the dishes with her, asking about her day.

107. Make a homemade pizza together, helping each other create the ultimate pie for each of you.

108. Rent a limo. Call her and tell her to be ready by a certain time. Arrive in the limo to pick her up, and go for an evening around town.

109. Go to a church or an outdoor cross and pray together. Both of you take turns praising God and thanking Him for one another.

110. Renew your wedding vows. It needn’t be a big ceremony or a ceremony at all. Write out new pledges and commitments to each other to tell each other you “still do,” and recite them to one another.

111. Read poetry together.


  1. Valerie

    Thank you for doing this. It’s refreshing to see something focused on things women like and need instead of what is typical in informing us of our requirement to fulfill our husband’s needs, which is usually referring to sex, without any of our needs being met. Its nice to see something other than washing dishes and cleaning or helping with the kids…while those things are all nice, those things feel like they should be shared anyhow as helping out with the household, especially if the woman works outside the home. Women want to connect emotionally, feel heard without always fixing, to laugh and enjoy time with their spouses, to be dated and won over like husbands did when they were dating, to be kissed….really kissed – not like they kiss their mother, they want to be seduced and touched in ways they like…its not a one size fits all approach. That is sexy…that helps us to feel appreciated and close…which may actually end up in us ‘wanting’ to fulfill our marital duty! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Are there christian husbands who follow at least a handful of these, if not entirely??…..Blessed are those women!

    • Peter

      I am here. Gathering wisdom on how to cherish, love, and appreciate my wife in all ways that mean the world to her. We are admonished in scripture as men to love our wives like Christ loved the church, this means going all out.

  3. Ana

    It’s not good an idea for courtship and dating or partner to have deeply romantic! All lists are good for marriage or future marriage!

    I honest don’t accept flirty and oral sex and dirty talk for marriage or future marriage!

    Thank you,

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