Warrior Disciple Book Update

Warrior Disciple Book Update

warrior-disciple-book-coming-soonHere’s a brief update on my forthcoming men’s ministry book, Warrior Disciple.

I’ve spent much time in prayer, consultation with several other Christian author friends, deliberation, and consideration, all in trying to figure out how to get published within a reasonable amount of time and to be able to maintain enough creative control to be able to get the product that men’s ministries need.

I was faced with three major avenues of publishing. One, I could strive to get a book agent and aim for a major Christian publisher. There are a limited number of these large publishing companies with a set number of titles they produce each year. Unfortunately, you almost always have to be a “big name” in the evangelical world even to be considered by them.

Two, I could look for a smaller faith-based publisher, many of which are “pay-to-play” and don’t offer a lot of marketing power to effectively push the word of this book out to the masses. Most of my Christian writer friends had gone this route with a mixed bag of results, and most were going the way of self-publishing with subsequent book releases.

Lastly, I could go the self-publishing path and take on all of the responsibility myself for every task involved. While I would be guaranteed to have the final product be exactly the way I want it, doing it this way would be an uphill battle to get this title known and in as many hands as possible.

I have decided to go the self-publishing route with the Warrior Disciple. It is now in the mid-to-final stages of editing and must be formatted for Amazon’s KDP system. Prayerfully and Lord willing, I hope to have this book available before Christmas 2022, both in the US and Canadian Amazon stores.

Please pray for success in the final turns and that Warrior Disciple is a blessing to many men worldwide.


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