Steven Lawson – Favorite Pastors Series

Steven Lawson – Favorite Pastors Series

Dr. Steven Lawson

Dr. Steven J. Lawson is a Christian pastor, author, and speaker known for his expository preaching and teaching. He was born in 1951 in Texas and grew up in a Christian family. Lawson earned his bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University, his Master of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Lawson has served as a pastor for several churches throughout his career, including as the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, and as the pastor of Grace Community Church in Denton, Texas. He is currently the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas, where he has served since 2003.

In addition to his pastoral work, Lawson is also a prolific author, having written thirty-three books on topics such as preaching, biblical theology, and the Christian life. He is a frequent conference speaker and has taught at several seminaries and Bible colleges throughout his career.

OnePassion, a ministry dedicated to spreading the truth of God’s Word, equipping pastors to preach it, and catalyzing biblical reformation in the church today, was founded and is presided over by Lawson over 15 years ago. The ministry comprises Dr. Lawson’s preaching, teaching, and writing across various platforms. Lawson is also a Teaching Fellow for Ligonier Ministries, where he serves on its board. Dr. Lawson serves as the Executive Editor for Expositor Magazine published by OnePassion Ministries.

Lawson is a highly respected pastor and teacher who is known for his commitment to expository preaching and his emphasis on the importance of accurately interpreting and teaching God’s Word. Lawson’s work has inspired and equipped many pastors and laypeople alike to deepen their understanding and love for the Bible and to live more faithfully in light of its message.

Lawson has taught expository preaching through a variety of methods, including modeling, hands-on training, classroom instruction, and resources that are designed to inspire and equip preachers to faithfully and effectively teach God’s Word. He often demonstrates expository preaching by delivering sermons that model the principles he teaches. Lawson conducts seminars and workshops on expository preaching, in which he teaches the principles of this approach and provides practical advice on how to prepare and deliver sermons. He also provides opportunities for participants to practice their preaching and receive feedback from others.

Lawson has been involved with The Master’s Seminary since its founding in 1986 by John MacArthur, and has made significant contributions to the seminary’s mission of training men for pastoral ministry through rigorous academic study and practical ministry experience. He has taught several courses at The Master’s Seminary over the years, including courses on expository preaching, biblical theology, and the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. In addition to his teaching and mentoring, Lawson has been involved in various leadership roles at The Master’s Seminary. His commitment to expository preaching and his emphasis on the importance of faithful biblical interpretation have been foundational to the seminary’s philosophy of ministry, and have shaped the approach to teaching and learning at The Master’s Seminary.

Dr. Steven J. LawsonOverall, Steven Lawson’s commitment to expository preaching and his emphasis on the importance of accurately interpreting and teaching God’s Word has made him a respected leader in the evangelical community. His work has had a significant impact on pastors and preachers around the world, inspiring and equipping them to faithfully handle God’s Word and to effectively minister to the needs of the church.

Why Steven Lawson?

When you get right down to it, few people are as gifted by God at giving messages from the pulpit as well as Lawson. I love to listen to him for his no-nonsense, Gospel-grounded, Reformed-rooted, expository excursions.

As a pastor and preacher, Dr. Steven Lawson is committed to expository preaching, which is a method of preaching that seeks to explain the meaning and intent of a particular biblical text, verse by verse in its larger context, in its historical and literary context. Some pastors use a topical approach, where they choose what topic they will be preaching, and then select what verses they feel best support that viewpoint. Expository preaching, on the other hand, takes whole books or chapters of the Bible at a time and forces the preacher to submit to the real meaning of the text, thus helping to safeguard against personal biases.

Lawson is an outstanding expositor and believes that the Word of God is the only source of truth and that preaching should be faithful to the whole of the text and centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In his book “Famine in the Land,” Dr. Lawson laments the decline of expository preaching in modern churches and argues for a return to biblical preaching. He emphasizes the importance of preaching that is rooted in the Scriptures, that proclaims the glory of God, and that points sinners to Christ. Expository preaching is also one of the main topics presented in Lawson’s “Called to Preach: Fulfilling the High Calling of Expository Preaching,” where he gives a plethora of wonderful advice to men who aspire to preach the Gospel.

Dr. Lawson is also a leading voice in the Reformed tradition of theology. He has written extensively on the doctrines of grace, including books on the five points of Calvinism and the sovereignty of God. He is a staunch defender of the doctrines of grace, which emphasize God’s sovereign grace in the salvation of sinners. He argues that the doctrines of grace are not only biblical but also essential for the health and vitality of the church.

One of the reasons I started this Favorite Pastors Series was not only to showcase the preachers who have inspired, encouraged, and taught me, but also to provide newer Christians a valuable list of reliable Bible teachers. Steven Lawson is definitely a “top 10” guy for me in that regard, as well as being a trustworthy source of solid Bible teaching for more mature believers as well.

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