77 Relevant (and Biblical) Topics for Men’s Ministry Discussions

77 Relevant (and Biblical) Topics for Men’s Ministry Discussions

Men's Ministry Group at Church Topics and Ideas

Are you a men’s ministry leader looking for fresh and engaging topics to discuss with the men in your church or community? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 77 relevant and timely men’s ministry topics that will inspire and challenge men to grow in their faith, relationships, and impact on the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. From leadership and fatherhood to addiction recovery and technology, these topics are designed to meet men where they are and help them become the men God has called them to be. So grab a cup of coffee, gather your group, and let’s dive into these powerful conversation starters!

  1. Biblical manhood: Exploring what it means to be a man of God according to the Bible.
  2. Discipleship: Encouraging men to grow in their faith and walk with Jesus. A disciple is a devoted follower or adherent to a person, system, or teaching, and we as Christians are commanded to be daily dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.
  3. Accountability: The importance of being accountable to other men and having a support system.
  4. Relationships: Building healthy relationships with family, friends, and others.
  5. Leadership: Developing leadership skills and using them to serve others.
  6. Fatherhood: Becoming a godly father and raising children in a Christ-centered home.
  7. Marriage: Building strong marriages and honoring God in the marriage relationship.
  8. Sexual purity: Overcoming sexual temptation and living a life of purity. We should encourage each other when we are tempted by lust and porn.
  9. Forgiveness: Learning to forgive others and seek forgiveness from God and others.
  10. Spiritual disciplines: Practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, and fasting.
  11. Work and career: Discovering God’s calling for our work and using it to serve Him.
  12. Finances: Managing finances wisely and being a good steward of God’s resources.
  13. Overcoming addiction: Seeking freedom from addiction and finding support in community.
  14. Anger management: Dealing with anger in a healthy way and learning to control it.
  15. Depression and anxiety: Understanding mental health issues and finding hope in Christ.
  16. Health and fitness: Taking care of our physical health and using it to serve God.
  17. Evangelism: Sharing the gospel with others and making disciples.
  18. Serving others: Finding ways to serve others in our households, churches, communities, and beyond. Since Jesus Himself modeled what servant leadership was in John 13:1-21, we are the leaders in our homes and our church must model this for others the same way Jesus did.
  19. Missions: Supporting missions work and considering opportunities to serve in other countries.
  20. Apologetics: Learning how to defend the Christian faith and answer tough questions.
  21. Prayer: The importance of prayer and ways to deepen our prayer lives.
  22. Bible study: Exploring God’s Word and growing in our understanding of it.
  23. Worship: Experiencing God’s presence through worship and praise.
  24. Gratitude: Cultivating a grateful heart and finding joy in all circumstances.
  25. Father wounds: Addressing the wounds and issues related to absent or abusive fathers and finding healing in Christ.
  26. Forgiveness: Choosing to forgive others and seeking forgiveness from God and others.
  27. Temptation: Overcoming temptation and finding strength in Christ.
  28. Parenting: Raising children to know and love God and encouraging them to follow Him.
  29. Legacy: Leaving a godly legacy for future generations.
  30. Biblical masculinity: Understanding the unique role of men in the church and society.
  31. Healthy communication: Learning to communicate effectively with others, especially in conflict.
  32. Courage: Developing courage and living boldly for Christ.
  33. Identity: Discovering our identity in Christ and living from that identity.
  34. Humility: Learning to humble ourselves and serve others in humility.
  35. Patience: Cultivating patience and trusting God’s timing.
  36. Faithfulness: Staying faithful to God and His calling on our lives.
  37. Repentance: Recognizing our sin and turning away from it.
  38. Trusting God: Learning to trust God in all circumstances. We need to realize that our Lord God is a sovereign God, and He is always in full control.
  39. Unity: Pursuing unity with other believers and working together for the kingdom.
  40. Integrity: Living with integrity and being true to our word, and seeking to have godly character in public and private.
  41. Boldness: Living boldly for Christ and proclaiming the gospel fearlessly.
  42. The Holy Spirit: Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministries. The Third person of the Trinity is often sadly overlooked in our theology, so we need to know what the Bible says about Him.
  43. Evangelism: Sharing the gospel with others and making disciples.
  44. The Church: Understanding the role of the Church and our place in it.
  45. Creativity: Using our creativity to glorify God and serve. God has let us be stewards of many gifts and talents, including creativity, and we must use them for the glory of His Kingdom.
  46. Emotional intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions in a healthy way, and building emotional intelligence in order to better relate to others.
  47. Cultural engagement: Engaging with culture in a way that honors God and allows for meaningful dialogue and impact.
  48. Perseverance: Developing perseverance in the face of adversity and staying committed to God’s purposes.
  49. Charity: Showing the love of Jesus by both giving to and helping parachurch organizations who help the less fortunate, and by personally getting involved in helping people individually.
  50. Mentoring: Building mentoring relationships with younger men in the church and community.
  51. Evangelism: Finding practical ways to share the gospel and make disciples in everyday life.
  52. Gratitude: Cultivating gratitude as a spiritual discipline and learning to express it to others.
  53. Spiritual warfare: Understanding spiritual warfare and equipping ourselves for the battles we face.
  54. Sabbath rest: Learning to rest and recharge in God’s presence and finding balance in life.
  55. Holiness: Pursuing holiness as a way of life and growing in Christlikeness.
  56. Creativity: Developing our God-given creativity in order to glorify Him and serve others.
  57. Addiction recovery: Helping men overcome addiction and find healing in Christ and community.
  58. Authenticity: Encouraging men to be authentic and vulnerable with each other and God.
  59. Discernment: Learning to discern God’s will and leading in our lives and decision-making.
  60. Grief and loss: Helping men deal with grief and loss in a healthy way and finding comfort in Christ.
  61. Church planting: Encouraging men to consider planting new churches and supporting church planting efforts.
  62. Marriage preparation: Helping men prepare for marriage and build a strong foundation for a Christ-centered union.
  63. Retirement: Helping men navigate retirement and find meaningful ways to serve God and others in this season of life.
  64. Bible literacy: Promoting biblical literacy and helping men understand the key themes and stories of the Bible.
  65. Technology and social media: Understanding the impact of technology and social media on our lives and relationships and learning to use them in a healthy way.
  66. Stewardship: Encouraging men to be good stewards of their time, talents, and resources and use them to serve God and others.
  67. Friendship: Building healthy friendships with other men and learning to support and encourage each other in the faith.
  68. Christian Entrepreneurship: Exploring how men can use their gifts and passions to start businesses that glorify God and benefit their communities.
  69. Decision-making: Learning to make wise and God-honoring decisions in all areas of life.
  70. Personal evangelism: Encouraging men to share their faith with others and look for opportunities to make disciples.
  71. Serving in the community: Finding practical ways to serve and make a positive impact in our communities.
  72. Workplace discipleship and prayer: Encouraging men to live out their faith in the workplace and make a positive impact on their colleagues and industry.
  73. Addiction prevention: Encouraging men to avoid addictive behaviors and lifestyles and find healthy ways to cope with stress and temptation.
  74. Health and wellness: Promoting healthy habits and practices that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  75. Ethics: Understanding ethical principles and applying them to our personal and professional lives.
  76. Evangelism and outreach strategies: Finding practical ways to reach out to non-Christians and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.
  77. Spiritual gifts: Discovering and utilizing our unique spiritual gifts and talents to serve God and others in the church and beyond.

What do you think? Did you have any great men’s ministry topics or ideas that need to be shared? Let everyone know about them in the comments below!


  1. Adeyemi Adeniyi

    I love this so much and I wish to be bless the more how can I get the full content of all this topics so impacting I will be so glad and my life will never remain the same God bless you as I expect your swift response


    SACBC requires catholic men to engage and establish a Diocesan Men’s Forum and converge in a conference latest September 2024. These topics, more relevant to engage men’s issues will assist in driving discussions.

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