In the grand matters of life and love and dating, I’m definitely not a pick-up artist. I’m not looking for “friends with benefits” or a “no strings attached” sexual relationship (quite frankly, that concept sickens me) or a one-night stand.

Instead, Scott Roberts is a regular, down-to-earth, single guy and a full-time dad to two teenage boys looking for “the one”. I’m seeking a healthy, long-term relationship with a woman that will hopefully lead me and this lucky lady down the church aisle one of these years.

I’m fairly confident, well-adjusted, doing well in my job, I love to laugh and be funny, and I’m decent-looking. But is that enough to traverse the pitfalls of dating and is it enough to keep women interested and happy? And come to think of it, what actually does make women happy? Can anyone on planet earth really understand women?

What is The System?

Author and “love coach” Doc Love claims that he does indeed understand women, and is perhaps the first in 6,000 years to do so. Over a span of 40 years, Doc Love has interviewed over 10,000 women and asked them honest and direct questions about what it is that keeps them around certain men and what makes them leave other men. He has not only taken to account what women have said about their feelings but more importantly, what they’ve said about their actual actions.

This is key to Doc Love’s teachings, and he’s amassed his findings in a book called The System – The Dating Dictionary. Doc has sent me a free copy for review, let me tell you, it is an eye-opener! It’s an all-action-based strategy where men will make decisions based on things that Doc has dubbed the Bottom Line Factor and the Reality Factor in females, which help you gauge a woman on her actions based on her all-important Interest Level in you.

For instance, if a woman has high Interest Level in you, she will be more affectionate, nag you less, be more open and flexible, always manages to find a way to be with you, and never breaks dates regardless of how difficult her circumstances are, has a good attitude just about all of the time, and is generally positive, happy and supportive of you. If a woman has low Interest Level in you, she will tend to cancel dates with you, will nag you or criticize you, will not be affectionate towards you, and will tend to be moody and distant. You don’t go by what the woman says, but go by what she actually does, to figure all this out.

It is the actions of the man that will determine what a woman’s Interest Level is, and can actually be raised and lowered by male traits such as ChallengeConfidence, and Self-Control. Positive attributes like affection, romance, humor, and respect can raise that Interest Level (making the likelihood of a woman falling in love with you greater) into the stratosphere, while negative ones such as jealousy, lack of patience, lack of self-control, and negative talk can drop her Interest Level in you like a rock.

The System will also teach you how to filter out the bad women that unfortunately pollute the dating pool. I cannot stress how crucial it was to learn this! There are lots of mercenaries/gold diggers, mentally ill women, women loaded with baggage, users and “professional daters”, feminists, and more all prowling around, and men need to learn how to spot the “red flags” immediately to save themselves time, money and trouble.

I have used this in my own life (with a recent relationship that ended, plus an ex-girlfriend who tried to squeeze her way back into my life), and the results were incredible. Before knowing the teachings of The System, I might have succumbed to either of the women’s advances and rationalized their weird behavior and actions (therefore getting back into bad relationships with them). But thanks to The System, I have learned how to say “no!” to poisonous females like this in my life.

What this book is and is not…

Doc Love’s The System is not…
– A book that tells you how to “conquer” or seduce women
– A book that tells you how to “trick” women into liking you or having sex with you
– A book with smooth or suave pickup lines or strategies on how to up your “game” with women

Here’s what The System actually is: a common sense guide that will lead you through dating in hopes that you will have a monogamous, long-term relationship that will ultimately lead to a happy, divorce-free marriage. In fact, concepts like sex (as important as it is to a healthy marriage) aren’t really a key in The System.

This book teaches you to SHOW your love to a woman, not just tell her. It will give you the know-how to be not a “bad boy”, not a “wimp”, but a gentle “good guy” with cool confidence and humor that women truly want to be around and more importantly, keep around. It will help your chances of having a lady’s loyaltyhonesty, and trust skyrocketing in you.

Applying The System

soulcon-couple-marriage-tips-heart-fingersThe System can a real life changer. But the difficult part is applying it to your life. You need to forget about the endless tons and tons of bad advice you’ve been brainwashed into believing over the years. Wise old Yoda once said, “you must unlearn what you have learned!” It’s a matter of removing the erroneous crap you’ve learned previously, and “rewiring” your brain (and your heart) to act and think differently.

Doc Love recommends reading the entirety of The System – The Dating Dictionary once a week at least fifteen weeks in a row, and then seven pages per night after that. That may sound unreasonable and daunting, but The System is not an extremely long book, and it’s broken down into very short chapters (some of them are less than a page long), making it very digestible even for the most unmotivated readers.


If there are any gripes about the book at all, it’s that the topics are listed alphabetically (hence the phrase, “Dating Dictionary“). Maybe if there was a way to perhaps get the topics arranged more chronologically, from getting the woman’s phone number to the first date to getting into a steady relationship to maintaining a healthy marriage, it might be helpful in some aspects. But as I’ve already mentioned, since Doc recommends multiple readings of THE SYSTEM to get the information to sink in, plowing through the book from front to back and covering all the subjects multiple times, you slowly still get a sense of knowing what to do at all points of dating.

Also, the cover art of The System – The Dating Dictionary could use some updating. With the stark black and red colors, the dated ’80s/’90s fonts, and a pair of women’s legs adorning the front, it looks more like this would be a cheap, sleazy “pick up artist” book than what it actually is: a modern, essential guide that every man on the face of the planet should study and memorize.

But these are just very minor complaints. Don’t let them deter you from getting a copy of The System.

In Summary

This book is a gold mine…no, a diamond mine, and I think it should be required reading for all men. The $99 price tag may seem a little steep for a paperback book, but think of how much cash you would blow on a couple of dates, or going out for a few nights out on the town (a nice dinner, some glasses of wine…). Sacrificing even two dates is more than worth it, especially if those two dates are with a woman who’s non-receptive to you and the dates never lead to anywhere.

And what about men who are already in a relationship, whether be a marriage or a long-time girlfriend? Well, I think this book is a must-read for them, too, especially if your woman has begun to get distant, grouchy, nagging, unaffectionate, or in constant “PMS” or bickering mode with you. There’s something every man can benefit from.

The System comes highly recommended by me.

Rating:  5-star

To purchase The System – The Dating Dictionary, simply go to For the $99 price (plus shipping), you get a copy of the book, a CD called “The Interview”, which is Doc Love giving a good, general overview of The System, and a CD titled “The Speech”, which has Doc giving a seminar presentation in front of a group of men and woman, covering even more nuggets of juicy info.

So buy it. Learn it. Know it. And love it.


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