Posts from June 2021 (Page 2)

Posts from June 2021 (Page 2)


There Is a God in Heaven

“The foundations of law and order have collapsed. What can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3 NLT) In a time of great need, David made a proclamation of faith.  He said, there is a God in Heaven.  He said this because in his life on Earth there did not appear to be one. I recently found myself in a circumstance that humanly speaking there was no solution.  I had prayed, believed, and confessed, but the complexities of the state of affairs…

How God Has Humbled Me

Humility is something we constantly learn as sinful Christians. We like to think we are wise and good on our own, but we often get ourselves in trouble. God has really humbled me in the last seven months. Back in November, I was faced with the most difficult conversation I had in my life with my Godmother on Thanksgiving Day. She pretty much hammered me on finances and adulting for over an hour after so many failed attempts of my…

Simple Faith

Could it be that the angst and anguish experienced today by the majority of Christians are due to the fact that we, as a generation of believers, are not people of the Word as our predecessors? Often times we like to compare ourselves to the believers of old. We relish in their testimonies and in the revelation of God they walked in. However, this is usually followed by a sort of snickering contempt of their lack of knowledge in comparison…

Waiting On God Is Not Passive

For years I struggled with the idea of waiting on God. On the one hand, I’m told to wait on the Lord, but on the other hand, I’m told Faith without works is dead. Those two truths always confused me until recently. I’m facing possible eviction soon, and the future looks really bleak for me at the moment, but if I haven’t learned anything in the past few, I learned that time never runs out on God. Waiting on God…

How I Cut Out Carbs and Got Rid of My Heartburn and Acid Reflux COMPLETELY

This Is How I Cut Out Carbs From My Diet and Got Rid of Heartburn and Acid Reflux COMPLETELY Anyone who is plagued with acid reflux or GERD knows how massively miserable heartburn can be. Of course, most humans can be susceptible to heartburn. Yet when it’s chronic and frequent, it is a (pun intended) gut-wrenching pain that’s often hard to ignore. How It Began Many members of my Dad’s side of the family have been afflicted with the agony…

In A Perfect Storm

I’m struggling right now, as some of you know. I don’t know when my storm is going to end, but I know God is faithful. The past few days, I have been meditating on God’s word. God allows storms in our life to build character, and He’s not going to reward us falsely. The wait may seem long, but when we delight ourselves in God, that’s when change starts happening. I know you guys are wondering what’s next for me?…
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