Blind Faith

Blind Faith


Behold, a mower went out to mow his lawn a little while before night, and alas, he had not finished. However, he continued to mow his grass in the dark against the dim half-crescent moonlight that shone and a nearby streetlight. To his dismay, he realized his lack of vision would hinder the yard’s aesthetic, yet he knew he needed to finish. He pressed on. Ultimately guided by his sense of pride, he squinted to follow the tracks in the dark that his mow was leaving so as to not mow over the same area twice. After a while, he settled on hoping that he would see a nice manicured lawn in the morning, even with a lack of visibility.

Now, one would think this describes someone as having faith, but a blind sort of faith. After all, the Scriptures are true: “We walk by faith, not by sight.” Yet, when you really look at this narrative, you’ll be reminded that the mower had no guarantee by which to anchor his hopes and “faith.” He possessed nothing besides belief in his own waning vision and focus on maintaining the mowing process. This man’s faith was truly blind, and in actuality, it wasn’t faith at all but merely wishful thinking. 

Biblical faith does go beyond reason, and vision, is true, but it isn’t anchored on the inward wishful thinking of the believer. There’s something, Someone, in which the believer is able to anchor his belief. To the degree that even if he is unaware of how or when the belief will come to pass, he is yet determined to trust, though he cannot see. How, you may ask, because his faith isn’t in himself or casual wishing, but in a God who promises. A God who anchors His promises in Himself, and however lofty and high the promises may be, He is personable enough to assure you and guide you to its fulfillment. Therefore, be not content or satisfied with blind weightless faith because there is a faith that goes beyond vision but is given by Him who sees all, knows all, and will lovingly bring you to faith’s realization. 

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