There Is a God in Heaven

There Is a God in Heaven


The foundations of law and order have collapsed. What can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3 NLT)

In a time of great need, David made a proclamation of faith.  He said, there is a God in Heaven.  He said this because in his life on Earth there did not appear to be one.

I recently found myself in a circumstance that humanly speaking there was no solution.  I had prayed, believed, and confessed, but the complexities of the state of affairs were overwhelming me.  The only solution that I saw was to cut bait and run.  Then the Lord spoke to my mind our above Scriptural reference.

Saul had been pursuing David to kill him.  David’s timorous friends had been telling him that there was no law and order in Saul’s Kingdom.  David, what good can you do now?

They were telling David that the wicked were stringing their bows.  “They shoot from the shadows at those who do right” (Psalms 11:2b).  It not about right but who has the might.  Run David run!

You can never defeat persecution by running from it.  When you arrive at your next destination, you will find out that it (persecution) had arrived the previous day.

What would David do?  He said, “but the Lord was in his holy temple” (Psalms 11:14).  As Matthew Henry says of this verse, although he is out of our sight, we are not out of his.”  God’s home and throne are in heaven and there he rules and reigns the universe.

David’s answer came not directly in relation to his adversary King Saul.  It started with God when he looked toward Heaven instead of to earthly solutions.  He was able to lift his eyes above the earthly fray and see a God that had dominion in Heaven and on earth. 

Good people are sometimes oppressed, but the Lord decides between the righteous and the unrighteous (Psalms 11:5).  We may be accused in this world, but God is our judge and jury, and his rulings are always just and right.

God sees all our struggles; and not only sees them but is actively working to address all our just grievances. 

There is a God in Heaven, who, though pride and oppression are on this earth, will always have the last word.


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