We Are Tested By The Fire

We Are Tested By The Fire


Adversity is what builds character. We need storms in our life to show us where we are weak and how much we really trust God. If everything were hunky-dory, then we wouldn’t have a compelling testimony. God put us through hardships not because he hates us but because He wants us to become like purified gold.

In the refining process, gold has to go through an intense amount of heat to have the impurities removed and for what is remaining to come out shiny and sturdy.

In our own Christian lives, we need the fires of trials to show that we aren’t counterfeit believers. The world wants to know “what makes Christians different from us besides going to church?” We need to show that we are not all talk, but Christians in action as well. Storms in our lives can help build us in this regard. Once we go through testing, our attitudes toward our suffering can show the world how unique we are from other people, and it may inspire them to get to know Jesus.


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