This is the Christian

This is the Christian


Below is a short piece that my brother in Christ, Dustin White, was inspired to write. Even though it is brief, I think it’s fantastic. It’s based on the famous “Armor of God” passage in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Head up, chin tucked. Eyes forward and focused. Shoulders square. Strong leg back supporting most of the weight. Front leg slightly bent at the knee.

Helmet on, visor down.

Breastplate custom made to fit.

Shield in the left hand, large enough to cover the whole body, impenetrable but still light and maneuverable.

Belt laced with the tools of war.

Held at the ready in the right hand is the Sword, razor-sharp, and unbreakable. Designed to never lose its edge.

Laced to the top are the Boots with a unique sole designed to grip on any surface and to always push forward.

That is only what the enemy sees.

Underneath this armor is a Warrior like none other. This is a Warrior that has been crafted and disciplined by the hands of God Himself. Experienced in the art of combat. Standing at the ready without fear, not even fear of death. His purpose and mission came straight from the throne of Heaven. He has a bloodline that puts him in direct contact with the Supreme Conqueror of all wars.

This is the Christian.


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