The Value Of Being In A Good Church

The Value Of Being In A Good Church


A few weeks ago, I enjoyed Thanksgiving with an amazing family from church. It was a short but sweet time at their house. There was a great meal, I met some really wonderful people, and got to fellowship with other believers. I didn’t get to be with my blood family this year, but that experience more than made up for it.

Having a community of people that love and support me as a Christian is something I’ve been desperately seeking since I moved back to North Carolina. Back in October, I was just walking to a church that a friend from college told me about four years ago because I didn’t have a local family of believers that I belonged to. It was a long walk to the church building, but after everything that church has done for me for the past month and a half, I believe it was all worth it.

This year, the thing I’m most grateful for is God. The fact I’m sitting in a hotel room telling you guys about my Thanksgiving experience just tells you that God still loves me. I had a rough going this year, but God has been and still continues to be good in my life. I’m so grateful that He’s still watching over me even in a time like this.

I wouldn’t be in the place I’m in now if it wasn’t for my church. For months I had been diligently scouring ing for a church that would support me, and after walking an hour and a half one Sunday, I finally found it. Not being in a church felt lonely, but when I discovered the church, I attend now it was everything I was looking for in terms of doctrine, loving people, and a family-like environment. The pastor has been a big help to me over the past month, and his church members have been very adamant about making sure my basic needs are being met. I will be moving to New Jersey soon to live with my cousin soon, but the pastor is buying me a plane ticket, and he’s sending me clothes and a friend of his to go with me to ensure my move to Jersey goes as smoothly as possible. This year was the toughest I have been through so far, but thank the Lord for the people from my local church looking out for me when nobody else was doing it. I pray that I can move back to Jacksonville soon. In the meantime, I’m making sure that I put myself in a position to win spiritually and financially.


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