My Thoughts On Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)

My Thoughts On Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)


CCM, or Christian Contemporary Music, has evolved a lot over the years. It began as a response to the counter-culture movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s and is now being used in many churches across America and beyond. CCM has crossed generational, language, and racial lines. The impact of CCM goes from Amy Grant to Lauren Daigle. Christian music has gone beyond traditional hymns to be more in tune with Top 40 popular music. Here are my thoughts on Christian Contemporary Art Music.

1. Christian music is a business. The Christian music industry is what it is, an industry, so you will see people who do it for money, but you also have those who do it for the love of God. The Bible is super clear on people who use the gospel for profit instead of advancing the Kingdom (1 Timothy 6:6-10). Don’t be surprised when you see your favorite Christian artist compromise their faith for fame.

2. Not everyone in the industry is a believer. Just because someone says they’re a believer doesn’t mean they are one. I mentioned in my first point how many people come into the industry purely for money. You have people who come in and try to finesse their way into the industry without proper discipleship or, worst, not being a true convert.

3. Christian artists are human, just like you and I. If you’re shocked that your favorite Gospel or Christian artist sinned, then don’t be because the Bible makes it clear that we all have sinned (Romans 3:23). Behind the cameras, Christian artist has to fight the flesh every day. Some Christian artists may say a curse word or cheat on their spouse, but God’s grace is on their life just like it is on ours. It’s important not to condemn our favorite Christian celebrity that has fallen into sin, but we shouldn’t idolize them and make them out to be perfect when they’re just as human as we are. We should pray for them but not condone their sinful behavior.

4. Christian music is diverse. As I previously stated, Christian music isn’t just your grandmother’s hymn books. Christian is various and crosses many different genres such as Rock, Country, R’n’B, Hip-Hop, Bluegrass, etc. Whatever music that’s out there, the chances are that it’s a Christian alternative for that genre. It’s suitable for those who don’t like traditional Gospel music but don’t want to revert back to secular music, but it can also come off as corny.

Christian music should be enjoyable but also biblically sound. The main priority is glorifying God, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining as long as you keep The Main Thing The Main Thing (that is, of course, Jesus).


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