Grilling Wings Missouri-Style

Grilling Wings Missouri-Style


What’s that? Do you mean haven’t tried chicken wing drumettes and flats “Missouri-style”? If you’re unfamiliar with this tiny little live-fire recipe twist on grilling these popular poultry pieces, it simply combines the best of grilling (hot and fast cooking) and true outdoor barbecuing (low n’ slow with a touch of wood smoke). The results are spectacular!

And if you’re unlearned about grilling wings, period, and are just used to frying them indoors, you’re missing quite a treat. The great thing about grilled wings is that the fat drips down, the skin gets lovely and crispy and you don’t have to deal with cooking with hot oil (and the disposal associated with using it). Plus, you get a delicious grilled flavor!

To first implement Missouri-style, first layout some fresh chicken wings on a pan and place a moderate amount of cracked black pepper and salt on them.


Next, set ablaze about 50-70% of the charcoal you would normally use for the size of grill you have (this works the same for both lump charcoal and briquettes). After the flames die and coals turn gray, carefully push them to one side. This will create two heat zones inside the grill: high and low. Toss in a couple of (dry) wood chips or chunks to add a delightful touch of smoke to the wings.


After the flames die and coals turn gray, carefully push them to one side.

Place the grill grate down and carefully lay out the wings in the low-temperature zone.


Keep the lid closed when cooking. Cook them for approximately 15-20 minutes on each side so that they’ll soak up some wood smoke and light amounts of heat. The skin should be getting darker. (At this point, about halfway through the complete cook) remove the wings from the grill.

The skin should be getting darker. Leave them on for another minute or two and then remove the wings from the grill.

Pour out your favorite sauce in a bowl. Buffalo sauces are always an excellent choice (I love using Defcon Sauces Defence Condition #2 Wing Sauce), but you can employ BBQ sauce, jerk sauce, teriyaki sauce, or whatever your little heart desires!

Pour your favorite sauce into a bowl.

With a pair of tongs, toss the wings until every square centimeter of their surface is covered liberally with the sauce.


Slap these bad boys back on the grill.


When replacing the sauced wings on the grates, place them directly over the coals and/or the high-temperature zone. Cook the drummettes for approximately five minutes per side. If you’re using a thin sauce, you may wish to apply a little extra to the top of each wing. Close the grill’s lid and let the cooker do its magic.

Meanwhile, the sauce will thicken and caramelize, the skin will become extra crispy and begin to char.

Open the lid. With your meat thermometer, check one of the thicker wings; the internal temperature should read 165°F or higher. Keep in mind that while the smoke will add a touch of pinkness to the meat inside close to the skin, the flesh connected to the bone should be thoroughly cooked through and white in color. Serve with your favorite sides, grab a bundle of wet wipes, and pig out…Missouri-Style!


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