Christians Don’t Hate Money; They Hate Entrepreneurship

Christians Don’t Hate Money; They Hate Entrepreneurship


This is most likely going to be my most controversial blog yet because it specifically talks about money. I have talked about money in previous blog posts, but this one is more about addressing the Christian culture concerning money.

I don’t think most Christians have a problem with money; most Christians understand that it takes money to do things in this world.  But when it comes to being self-employed and not relying on a 9-to-5 job, that’s where I see the pushback from many Christians.

The big reason why so many Christians have a problem with being entrepreneurial is because of ministry over money. I, like many Christians, struggle with charging other Christians because of the fear of coming off as greedy. Supporting other Christians in their entrepreneurial endeavors is essential because it’s how we advance the Kingdom. The reason why our influence is so tiny compared to the world is that we don’t support each other as we should. To truly advance the kingdom and impact the world, we must support each other’s endeavors.

Another reason why Christmas has an issue with entrepreneurship is that Christians think it comes off as worldly. Our society has given entrepreneurship a bad reputation over the years. People thought of entrepreneurs as selfish, workaholic, greedy, rude, and have no fun. Things have gotten better over the past few years with the rise of Gary Vaynerchuck, Donald Trump as U.S. President, and the global pandemic have made people see entrepreneurship in a better light. You still have plenty of Christians who push back against being entrepreneurs, and this world shows that self-employment is the way to have true financial freedom.

The last reason why I think Christians have an issue with entrepreneurship is the fear of success. Success isn’t bad when God is at the forefront. If your success causes you to become prideful and arrogant, then it becomes an issue, but downplaying your success is dangerous because you are telling people that success is wrong. You can’t really love God and have money and accolades from the world. That mentality is what holds so many Christians back and why many people are leaving the church. Christians use the rich young ruler as a reason why Christians can’t have earthly success. Jesus didn’t have a problem with his wealth. It was his heart that was the issue. If money were so bad to Jesus, He wouldn’t have condemned the man who hid His talent (money).

Having earthly success isn’t bad, as long as you don’t let it corrupt your heart.


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