The Poor Are Hated

The Poor Are Hated


“The poor is hated even of his own neighbor: But the rich have many friends.”
– Proverbs 14:20 [NKJV]

In Proverbs, Solomon uses the words “poor” and “rich” quite a bit. Many times, Solomon is talking about material wealth, but in this verse, he’s talking about the heart. Rich people are often lonely because they don’t know if people love them for them or for their wealth. Rich people can feel just as empty and isolated as poor people. Again, what Solomon was referring to here is how we are on the inside with our minds, will, and emotions. People who are rich in heart tend to be givers while people who have a poor mindset tend to be stingy. Poor people are hated not so much because of lack often because of the spirit of jealousy. You can be poor in money but be rich in attitude.


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