Why Christian Most Art and Media Is Bad

Why Christian Most Art and Media Is Bad


I’ve been hearing many Christian YouTubers criticize Christian movies and Christian music for being too cheesy and subpar to what the world is offering. Admittedly, I share often share this sentiment.

Christian music has grown over the past 50 years, to the point where you now have a “Christian” flavor of every genre of music. Christian rock at one point was played moderately on MTV and other secular rock platforms. Christian movies seem to be a dime a dozen where most are straight-to-DVD.

Why is Christian media a turn-off by many Christians?

1. Christians emphasize message over overall quality. Many Christians assume that just because your art is “Christian,” then it’s automatically good, where in reality, that’s not true. Christian art, when referring to the art itself and not just the message, should be open to critique just as much as secular art.

2. Lack of budget. Christian media don’t have the same budget as secular media, the latter of which can boast budgets of millions of dollars, so much of the music and movies can seem subpar by industry standards.

3. Many Christians have a “starving artist” mindset. If you have the mindset of craving to make excess cash from ministry, please be aware that it’s inherently wrong. The Apostle Paul wasn’t against preachers getting money to sustain the ministry and to cover basic provisions, but preachers preaching with selfish motives is forbidden, hence why he decided to work a regular job (Acts 18:1-4 and Acts 20:33-35).

4. Christians try too hard to copy the world. It’s one thing to do things that attract people, but it’s another to just go with trendy things. You don’t have to follow every popular craze, but you want to be relevant enough to engage with people. Christians either feel they have to be overly-trendy or out-of-touch with technology.

Christian can improve if we focus on finding one specific person we want to appeal to versus trying to appeal to everyone.


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