Simple Faith

Simple Faith


Could it be that the angst and anguish experienced today by the majority of Christians are due to the fact that we, as a generation of believers, are not people of the Word as our predecessors?

Often times we like to compare ourselves to the believers of old. We relish in their testimonies and in the revelation of God they walked in. However, this is usually followed by a sort of snickering contempt of their lack of knowledge in comparison to today. Today, we can boast in an abundance of “revelation” and knowledge concerning the Scriptures. There are wall-to-wall libraries and book stores with commentaries and research aids that can make anyone a scholar, even further there abound many experts on this or that particular field of theology that one could wonder what need is there for the Spirit of God. Yet with all of this wealth of knowledge, there is a scarcity of those who actually exhibit true biblical faith in God, let alone walk in His power. 

It’s amazing to the point of bewilderment, how there are some who can decipher all prophecies, untangle all seeming contradicting verses, know all the renderings of the Greek and Hebrew and yet cannot exercise simple faith in God. How can one have knowledge to that degree and depth and still be shallow in its application and experience? Do we think God, who knows all, is impressed with our knowledge? Do we think God is excited when we purchase our fifth commentary? Or is He grieved that with all this “learning” there is little to no actual faith?

Our forefathers perhaps could get a pass because a lot of this material wasn’t available in their time. However, could they give us a pass who have more access to the hidden treasures of God but walk in less apprehension of its truth? For example: with all that there is to know about God, how many still pray, “if it be thy will”? Do we even understand the ramifications of the question?

Wake up, Christian! Put on thy strength and get ahold to God and His truth in simple faith possessing every promise that God grants us in His Word. This is what He delights in!


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