Self-Care – Be Kind To Yourself

Self-Care – Be Kind To Yourself


Be kind to yourself.

I know in Biblical, orthodox Christianity we tend to disparage high self-esteem – and justifiably so, for it leads to self-centeredness, vanity, self-reliance, and eventually, idolatry. But we should still be kind to ourselves. Jesus is not at all against being kind to ourselves, only against us being self-worshipers.  Know the difference between the necessity of self-care and the dangers of self-love. We shouldn’t be prideful and arrogant, yet we also shouldn’t just beat ourselves up or wear ourselves out.

Taking a much-needed sabbatical, going on vacation, visiting a spa, or eating at a nice restaurant isn’t always sinful. Getting breaks and rests are highly beneficial to our well-being. Even though New Testament Christians are no longer subject to the Old Testament Law, we should know that God and His model of Sabbath rest is still advisable to sometimes apply to our lives.

Yes, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice to God (Romans 12:1). Die of yourself and your old, selfish desires, and live for Christ instead (Luke 9:23). Let God use you on this earth for His glory on a daily basis. But take time physically and mentally to “recharge your batteries” to de-stress and to partake in the joys of this life. If you want to truly thrive and be sustained as you let God work through you as His vessel, then try to be kind to yourself by getting mental, emotional, and psychological breaks in your busy, stressful life.


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