Recommended Reading – My Top 11 Favorite Books

I love making lists of things, and it’s about time I make one on what I consider to be my all-time, top 10 (alright, 11), crème de la crème, favorite, most important books ever written. These encompass what I think is recommended reading for all my blog readers. When I compiled these, I noticed that all but one have to do with spirituality, and that they are all non-fiction (with a fictional devotional story comprising of the second half of…

Job Seekers’ Pet Peeves About Recruiters and HR People

The internet is crammed full of pet peeves lists that recruiters, consulting agencies, HR people and employers have about job candidates. We as job candidates also have some legitimate displeasures and gripes about recruiters and HR folks. I’ve been doing this for over twenty years, and have seen lots of bad habits and annoying practices that simply need to stop. Here are my suggestions on how you can handle things better. 1. You need to provide good customer service! This concept is not…
How to Fight Writer's Block

How to Fight Writers Block

Everyone gets it, and it’s totally unavoidable: the painful and dreaded Writer’s Block. It doesn’t matter if you blog about your kids, write about local business and politics, or talk about your favorite heavy metal bands, or even pen New York Times bestsellers; at one time or another you’ll run smack into a creativity brick wall with ostensibly no way around it. Not to worry, though, here are some tricks that will help you blast through that barrier and allow…