Posts from May 2019

Posts from May 2019


Recommended Reading – My Top 11 Favorite Books

Approximate Reading Time: 4 Minutes I love making lists of things, and it’s about time I make one on what I consider to be my all-time, top 10 (alright, 11), crème de la crème, favorite, most important books ever written. These encompass what I think is recommended reading for all my blog readers. When I compiled these, I noticed that all but one have to do with spirituality, and that they are all non-fiction (with a fictional devotional story comprising…

Head, Heart, and Hands

Approximate Reading Time: 4 Minutes Head, Heart, and Hands Theologian and pastor Erik Thoennes once succinctly summarized the three-prong approach to our spiritual growth in saying, “our theology (right thinking) should always lead to doxology (right worship) and orthopraxy (right practice), or else we have a major disconnect in our theology.” Our Christian faith is more than just us getting saved by the grace of God through the cross of Jesus. Yes, that is the beginning, but a fulfilling life…