Portfolio (Page 2)

Portfolio (Page 2)

Web Sites

I’ve worked on the following websites in some capacity. This list is certainly not comprehensive, and some of these sites may or may not be defunct by the time you read this (such is the nature of the internet).

The Landing –  Lake Tahoe

The Viking Hotel

Pebble Beach Resorts Availability Checker

WestJet Newsroom


Battaglia’s Market

Web Marketing Toronto

Monny Abraham, Realtor

Lufthansa Examples

Biomedical/ERT Examples – samples of pages from B2B pages (not all buttons and functionality work on these examples)

Email Newsletters

Other Examples

  • Bayfair Baptist Church
    [Designed and created website.]
  • H2OCHK
    [Helped create website.]
  •   CenturyLink AppFog
    [Helped create and design front-end of the entire site.]
  •   2GuysTalking.com
    [Created the homepage.]
  •   Big Moe Cason – Ponderosa BBQ
    [Created and designed the entire site.]
  •   CenturyLink Savvis Direct
    [Helped create and design front-end of the entire site.]
  •   AfftonVet.com
    [Created and designed the entire site.]
  •   Voice Farmers
    [Created and designed the original entire site.]
  •   SavvisDirect.com
    [Involved with creating the front end design and the CMS/shopping cart.]
  •   MississippiMudCoffee.com
    [Created entire site using ASP, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.]
  •   HomeDecorators.com
    [Involved with creating and maintaining the storefront/shopping cart.]
  •   NOLAHotSauce.com
    [Created everything for the site, including all coding, graphic design, logo and layout.]
  •   TheBBQCentralShow.com
    [Created everything for the site, including all coding, graphic design and layout.]
  •   ILoveItSpicy.com
    [Created custom theme graphics for the site, including logo.]
  •   VHTrading.com
    [Created everything for the site, including all coding, graphic design and layout. I used PHP, mySQL, HTML, Photoshop, JavaScript, CGI/Perl, SSI, and more. Contains searchable database pages, blog, and forums (powered by phpBB).]
  •   Monsanto.com
    [Part of a team, I helped with separate redesigns launched August 2002 and January 2003. Used ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Acrobat, and Photoshop.]
  •   Monsanto.co.uk
    [Again, part of a team, I helped with the site redesign of Monsanto’s UK web presence. Used ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Acrobat, and Photoshop.]
  •   Monsanto.co.za
    [Using the design elements of the US and UK sites, I revamped Monsanto’s South African Web site. Used ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Acrobat, and Photoshop.]
  •   Charter.com
    [Converted redesign of Charter website from Classic ASP to .NET Created .NET/JavaScript functionality, including rollovers on homepage.]
  •   DesignersGallerySoftware.com [Created the database functionality, programming, graphic design and layout for the site, using ASP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and Photoshop.]
  •   DeniServ.com
    [Created entire site using ASP, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.]
  •   GeesePeaceStLouis.org
    [Created entire site (with administrative login and page editing area)
    using PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Photoshop.]
  •   Skywalker.com
    [Helped create the database functionality, programming, graphic design and layout for the site, using ASP, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and Photoshop.]
  •   Gundaker.com
    [Helped create original home search fuction on website using JavaScript, CGI, Perl, and HTML.]

The following are Web sites and internet/intranet projects that I’ve had a hand in but cannot necessarily take credit in the whole creation or design. My involvement could have been anything from creating graphics, SQL databases and PHP/ASP/VBScript programming to simple maintenance and site updates to creating e-mail newsletters:


Have a web design specific need? Talk to me for free. Call me at 289-892-4299 (Canada) or 636-228-5117 (US) .


Listen to My Interview On the Dad Devotionals Podcast

I recently had the honor and privilege of being a guest on the Dad Devotionals Podcast. Hosted by David Domzalski, Dad Devotionals is a show for Christian fathers and husbands who want advice to win the race to Christ, with discussion on how to be the men God called us to be. David and I chatted about topics such as what I think is holding men back from living a life in Christ; the importance of fellowship; my experience running…

Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait

Another cliche that has a lot of meaning to me. I spent this past summer really getting deeper into freelancing. It’s been a slow grind, but I have been building meaningful relationships on LinkedIn, and even had a chance to connect with a 7-figure copywriting businesswoman (copywriting is persuasive writing). I haven’t found a client yet as a case study writer, but in due time I should. The reason I say this is because I know it’s hard to wait…

God Will Protect Your Mental Health

Mental health has become a hot conversation in the past decade. Many Christians are more open to talk about anxiety, depression, and being bipolar than ever before. This world has put so much stress and turmoil on people’s lives; many believers take medication to calm themselves down (for the record, I’m not against medication; I take meds myself). Medication is helpful but only can put a figurative band-aid on a wound. God can only permanently heal your disorder. “Jesus answered,…

He Understands

Life may be difficult right now, and you feel like you are on the cusp of losing your mind, but God understands. Jesus went through the most horrific thing imaginable so that we can have an example of how to stay pure-hearted in this crazy world. It’s lonely facing trials, and no one can help you. You may feel like God is not listening, but He is. God understands what we are going through. He hears our pain. God may…

Christians Don’t Hate Money; They Hate Entrepreneurship

This is most likely going to be my most controversial blog yet because it specifically talks about money. I have talked about money in previous blog posts, but this one is more about addressing the Christian culture concerning money. I don’t think most Christians have a problem with money; most Christians understand that it takes money to do things in this world.  But when it comes to being self-employed and not relying on a 9-to-5 job, that’s where I see…

God Is Using My Mess Into A Message

I’ve been very transparent with you guys about hitting my low point these last few months. I was at a spiritual, emotional, and financial low. I used blogging to help me get through the pain I have been dealing with. In the past few weeks, I have seen nothing but positive responses about my blog posts, which I really appreciate. The purpose behind these blogs was to get into sales writing, i.e., use these posts as my portfolio. As I…

A Fly in the Ointment

“You can identify fools just by the way they walk down the street!” – Ecclesiastes 10: 3 [NLT] The world perpetuates the idea that when you become a Christian, you turn off your ability to reason like you check your hat at a fine restaurant. But some of this mentality may be self-inflicted because some Christians still act like fools. Solomon tells us that like a dead fly in a bottle of perfume, a little foolishness spoils great wisdom and…

What Is A Progressive Christian

Progressive Christianity is a sect or movement of Christianity that goes along with leftest ideology. Progressive Christians don’t see the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Progressive Christians believe that homosexuality isn’t a sin, and some would go as far as to say that Jesus isn’t God. Progressive Christians have a big influence on Christian music, Christian books, and even in a lot of mainline denominations that were once historically orthodox. Progressive Christians may have good intentions, but the…

This is the Christian

Below is a short piece that my brother in Christ, Dustin White, was inspired to write. Even though it is brief, I think it’s fantastic. It’s based on the famous “Armor of God” passage in Ephesians 6:10-18. Head up, chin tucked. Eyes forward and focused. Shoulders square. Strong leg back supporting most of the weight. Front leg slightly bent at the knee. Helmet on, visor down. Breastplate custom made to fit. Shield in the left hand, large enough to cover…

Role Models For Jesus

You may have heard the saying, “you may be the only Bible some people may ever read.” The world is looking at Christians with a close and skeptical eye, wondering if we are truly who we say we are. Christians throughout the years have been portrayed as judgemental, homophobic, overly-paranoid, and hypocritical. A way we can change that negative stigma is to be kind, loving, and empathic. “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill…

Your Past Is Not Final

We all have a past. Some of us had a good past with very few mistakes, while others have had a traumatic history with deep regrets. Life has affected us in different ways, but our past doesn’t always tell us where we are going. Some people can come from a life of crime to becoming a wealthy millionaire, or on the flip side, some people can come from a great family and a great neighborhood but end up in prison…

Let’s Be Drama-Free

Drama is something we love until it happens to us. We love a good story, whether it’s fictional or real, but we don’t consider how that drama, gossip, hearsay, or defamation is affecting someone else’s life. As Christians, we shouldn’t cause drama nor become busybodies where we’re always in someone else’s business. Drama is fun, but it can be damaging to you and the people you love. It’s okay to tell stories and entertain yourself, but not to your’s or…

Why People Deconvert

Studies have shown that for every one person who enters the Christian faith, four more leave the faith. More people are exiting Christianity than converting to Christianity, at least here in America. Overall belief in Jesus Christ has been rapidly declining for the past few decades. Many pastors are wondering why so many young people leave the Church after high school. Some would argue that they weren’t saved to begin with, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I recently…
Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

We are officially in the Christmas season. This year has been a rocky year for me. I told you guys in the past how difficult 2021 as a year was for me, but I wanted to end this year off strong. I could be bitter about everything wrong that happened to me this year. Instead, I’m thankful that I can be with my family again for the holidays, I won’t have to be stressed out about money like I was…

A Loss Can Be Learned

We often think of failure as a bad thing, but failure is what we need to know, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Nobody likes failure, but I understand that failure is just a stepping stone to success as someone whose entrepreneurial. God uses failures in our lives to help others in their trials. My devotionals have resonated with people because I speak as someone who has hit rock-bottom before, and it’s encouraging to…

Living Out Matthew 25

I watched another video from YouTuber Ruslan (I watch his content a lot) where he talks about Matthew Chapter 25. He made the video in response to Paul Washer and John MacArthur’s sermons on being persecuted. Persecution has been used as an excuse as to why so many Christians aren’t being good stewards with their time and money. I know for me, I fell into that trap numerous times. I allowed myself to be so heavenly-minded that I was no…