Posts from December 2021 (Page 2)

Posts from December 2021 (Page 2)


Your Past Is Not Final

We all have a past. Some of us had a good past with very few mistakes, while others have had a traumatic history with deep regrets. Life has affected us in different ways, but our past doesn’t always tell us where we are going. Some people can come from a life of crime to becoming a wealthy millionaire, or on the flip side, some people can come from a great family and a great neighborhood but end up in prison…

Let’s Be Drama-Free

Drama is something we love until it happens to us. We love a good story, whether it’s fictional or real, but we don’t consider how that drama, gossip, hearsay, or defamation is affecting someone else’s life. As Christians, we shouldn’t cause drama nor become busybodies where we’re always in someone else’s business. Drama is fun, but it can be damaging to you and the people you love. It’s okay to tell stories and entertain yourself, but not to your’s or…

Why People Deconvert

Studies have shown that for every one person who enters the Christian faith, four more leave the faith. More people are exiting Christianity than converting to Christianity, at least here in America. Overall belief in Jesus Christ has been rapidly declining for the past few decades. Many pastors are wondering why so many young people leave the Church after high school. Some would argue that they weren’t saved to begin with, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I recently…
Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

We are officially in the Christmas season. This year has been a rocky year for me. I told you guys in the past how difficult 2021 as a year was for me, but I wanted to end this year off strong. I could be bitter about everything wrong that happened to me this year. Instead, I’m thankful that I can be with my family again for the holidays, I won’t have to be stressed out about money like I was…
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