How Can We Judge Someone’s Salvation?

How Can We Judge Someone’s Salvation?


The word “Christian” has been so distorted that it’s hard to tell if someone’s really saved or just pretending. Christians are humans just like everyone else, but there are ways to distinguish a true born-again believer of Christ from someone who just says they are a believer. The Bible does say, “you will know a tree by its fruit.” (Matthew 7:20)

1. A born-again Christian must believe on the cross.
What makes a Christian a Christian is that they believe that Jesus died, rose again, and only He can save you from your sins. Most people in America are “cultural Christians,” but they live as if they are the savior of their own life. A saved Christian not only knows the Gospel, but they accept Jesus personally as Lord and Savior of their own life.
Refer to: Romans 10:9

2. How they respond to sin.
We will sin, no matter how long we have been saved. We still have to live in this flesh, and we will fall short despite how well-intentioned we may be. The key is how we respond to sin. If we’re a genuine, legitimate, born-again Christian, we will feel a sense of grief and remorse over our actions, especially toward the sins that are significant detriments to our loved ones.
Refer to: Romans 3:23

Christians are still human at the end of the day. We will mess up and sometimes hurt people we care about the most, but God’s grace and mercy will help us when we hit rock bottom.


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