Posts from January 2018

Posts from January 2018


Anti-Christian Meme-Busting: The Exodus

Approximate Reading Time: 12 Minutes Memes are stupid. Memes are dangerous. As fun and often humorous as these passed-around images on the internet can sometimes be, memes are one of the multitude of things that are causing society to become more divisive and decay faster into an unrecognizable mass of dung. Why? Well, for starters, hardly anybody fact-checks memes, pics or screenshots of comments or tweets that are shared around social media quicker than the flu at an elementary school…

1 John – The “This Is” Letter

Approximate Reading Time: 3 Minutes John the Apostle’s First Epistle is a highly fertile and, in my opinion, a very underutilized letter in the New Testament. You can read it verse-by-verse and plumb its spiritual depths for weeks, with bold statements and profound teachings on lightness and darkness, sin, love, and what it means to be in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Upon digging through 1 John, it’s easy to pick up on John’s writing style in his Spirit-inspired…